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Quality Phone Answering Service - Affordable Rates

In these difficult business times you not only need a great quality answering service for your incoming calls but you also need one that is affordable and will work for you and your business over the long term. If you look at our competitors you will predominantly see two types. The first offer cheap rates but achieve this by off-shoring your work to Asia while the other group have complex charging systems that end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Here at Ruby we believe in transparency when it comes to our costs and the level of service that we provide. Our packages are structured to provide you with an affordable and great value package. The more that you pay, the less that you pay per call. We are also constantly monitoring our call answering KPI's and continually trying to improve the level of service that we provide to you, our valued customer.

So, what does it all actually cost? Well, obviously the amount charged will vary based upon the amount that you use us however as a general guide a small business customer would spend $40-$50 plus gst per month. Larger customers pay around $200 - $300 and the average customer overall spends around $100 plus gst per month. Given the peace of mind that our service provides we believe that this is great value.

Our basic package for the telephone answering service starts at $20 per month plus $2.75 per call. This is a great package for businesses/accounting or legal firms that want some insurance for when they really can't get to the phone. The next package up provides 20 calls per month and costs $49 plus gst per month. These packages then increase all the way up to a 1,000 call package which really replaces an in-house receptionist (with some great cost savings!).

Setting up with Ruby is easy. Sign up for a 7 day free trial and we will allocate a telephone number to you. You can either use this number as your main business number or you can simply forward your existing number to this number. Once the number is set up you simply decide what greeting your want your callers to receive and decide how you want us to get the messages to you(sms or email). You are then pretty well ready to go. You are under no obligation with our free trial and can cancel at any time.

Try us out with a 7 day trial

You can test drive our telephone answering system for 7 days at no cost or obligation for your business. Ruby's 7 day free trial allows you an opportunity to fine tune the setup and to get the maximum value from your package.

Ruby Will Be Answering Your Calls In 5 Minutes

It really only takes a couple of minutes to set an account up for your free trial. We can then be answering your phone calls virtually instantly. There is no obligation to give any credit card details upfront and it will instantly make a dramatic difference to your work load.