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Small business can be hard work. You need to be able to switch from one task to the next in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately this can be extremely distracting when you are trying to do something that is particularly complex.

These days, many of those distractions are going to be incoming telephone calls. You can be right in the middle of doing something urgent when you need to drop everything and pick up the phone.

It doesn't have to be that way. With a first class answering service from Ruby Receptionist you can claw back some of that time and make your business much more efficient. Our service is really easy to use and you can literally have the whole thing set up in just a matter of minutes.

Our service is extremely flexible. Once you sign up for an answering service you will be allocated a local telephone number (for a city of your choice) or a 1300 number (for a small monthly fee). Once you have this number you can then divert all or some of your incoming calls to the number. It is totally up to you. You can even use this number as your business number if you want.

Messages To You In Minutes

When your calls come through to your allocated number one of our professional receptionists will answer your call within seconds. The receptionist will then greet the caller with a greeting that has been agreed with you and take a message. That message will be emailed or SMS'd to you within minutes for you to action when you have the time to action it. It really does work like clockwork.

No Long Term Contracts

You can cancel at any time. We have more than 5,000 customers in Australia and they stay with us because we provide an exceptional level of service.

Our answering service is really cost effective. Many of our smaller customers spend as little as $50 per month and an average customer would spend $100 per month. Not a lot of money given the level of comfort that we provide. Why not call one of our friendly sales staff today on 1300 72 10 73 to find out more.