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Choose your answering service partner carefully

Business is all about relationships and in this modern age of outsourcing choosing the right relationships for your business can be the key to either great success or a mediocre performance. When choosing a telephone answering service for your business you need to make sure that they tick a lot of boxes. In the following article I have outlined 12 attributes that we believe should be attributable to the best in the business.

(1) Local Staff

When you compare answering services you quite often are not comparing apples with apples. Firstly, not all Australian answering services use local staff. Many of the cheaper options available will be using call centres in Asia to take your calls. We have all had both positive and negative experiences with offshore call centres however two of the main observations that we hear from potential customers are 1) you can tell that it is an offshore call centre because of the time delay and 2) The offshore staff do not understand Australian place names, slang or business practices. Here at Ruby Receptionist we believe that it is vitally important to have a team of local Australian receptionists who will understand your business and the environment that you work in.

(2) Recruitment Policies

Another staffing related area that could have a negative impact on your business is in relation to staff recruitment. Some telephone answering services out there are paying their receptionists on the basis of minutes spent on the phone. This means that the staff may not get the benefit of sick leave, annual leave or even get paid when they are in training. Here at Ruby we believe in paying our receptionists fairly for the time that they are with us. We also believe in giving them adequate training so they can give their best when answering your calls. We also focus on employing experienced people who have good business experience and can really add value to your business. We understand that our receptionists will become the gate keepers to your business so we need to make sure that they are adequately trained and motivated to give it their best.

(3) KPI's

KPI's refer to key performance indicators. KPI's are the targets that are used to ensure that you are delivering a quality service. KPI's that we use here at Ruby will include the number of rings taken to answer a call, the length of the calls, the time taken to get a message back to the customer plus a whole range of other key areas. If you are looking to recruit the best telephone answering service then you should be looking at businesses that measure their performance and strive to improve. If a business is not measuring its performance then it has no idea of where it needs to improve.

(4) High Use Of Technology

The very concept of the modern telephone answering service was made possible by modern technology. Unfortunately, there is no set structure that telephone answering services need to follow to set up business. Many small businesses out there will simply set up with half a dozen staff with a phone and an email program. To be able to deliver a first class level of services a great telephone answering service needs so much more. A great service will need to have an in depth understanding of the technology behind the system and will need to strive to get the best possible technological set up. Given that technology is constantly changing and developing it is also necessary to keep constantly up to date with changes in technology plus also be constantly looking at the potential impact that those changes can have on the level of service that you are providing and the associated KPI's.

(5) Support Staff

Running the best telephone answering service in the country is not just about having well trained staff available to take your incoming calls. Running a successful telephone answering service that delivers each and every time is about having a structure that is supported by the right ancillary staff who are capable of keeping that business humming along even when they are answering 500 calls per hour. Those support staff might be involved in project management, accounts, IT development or IT support, if you want to operate the best service in the business you need to make sure that your systems work seamlessly and you have the appropriate people in place to keep those systems working seamlessly.

(6) Ongoing Development

Technology is driving change in both the corporate world and for all of us personally. The developments that are taking place in the corporate world are breathtaking in terms of both capabilities and the costs involved in utilising that technology. If you are striving to be the best in the telephone answering business then you need to keep on top of new technological developments and be able to apply these new developments to providing a better more advanced service. To be able to do this, a good telephone answering service needs to have a dedicated team of people with both the skills and the time available to apply that technology to providing a superior level of service.

(7) Great Customer Service

If you need to make changes to your account or you need to get some information quickly then you need to talk to someone competent. Many answering services out there rely on automated systems and FAQ's to try to answer customers questions. If you are looking for the best then you need a company where you can ring up and get to speak to a real person who then has the skills and training to deliver the answer or information that you are after in a relatively short period of time. Time is precious in business and you don't have time to waste sitting on the phone for hours waiting to get a simple query answered. Here at Ruby Receptionist we take our customer service calls seriously and will work with you to get you your answer or make the change to your account that you require.

(8) Transparent Pricing

When you are looking for the best in any business you need to be sure that you are getting what you pay for and that there are no unforeseen surprises. Some telephone answering services will have complex pricing structures where you are unsure of what you are getting for the money. Here at Ruby Receptionist we believe in keeping things simple so you understand exactly what you are getting for the money.

(9) No Long Term Contracts

A good telephone answering service should not need to lock you in to a long term contract with an annual roll over clause. A good telephone answering service should be able to rely on it's ability to deliver an exceptional service to keep it's customers happy and keep them on as customers.

(10) Alignment With Your Goals

If you are looking for the best telephone answering service then you need to look for a service that is aligned with your own goals. Here at Ruby Receptionist our aims are the same as yours, we want to answer your calls in a professional manner every single time and help you build and grow your business.

(11) Long Term Vision

In any technology business you need to think big. You need to think about how you can leverage technology to deliver the best possible service to your customers in the future. Here at Ruby Receptionist we have long term plans in terms of how we can deliver the best possible service to you and your business both now and into the future.

(12) International Presence

While it is not imperative that the telephone answering service answering your calls in Australia has an international presence there are a lot of benefits that can come from having that international presence. Firstly, the economies of scale that come from having a large volume of customers means that you need to ensure that all of your systems and the technologies that you use work seamlessly. In addition, working within different environments means that you get a large variety of tasks that you need to provide solutions for. Finally, if you are a growing business and you are looking for opportunities across different markets then there are a many benefits to be had by making use of the same telephone answering service in each of these markets.

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