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Our Corporate Answering Service Ensures That All Of Your Calls Are Answered

In a business, each phone call represents an opportunity. However, handling a high volume of incoming calls while balancing other critical business tasks can be an immense challenge.

Imagine the frustration of your valuable clients being sent to voicemail or kept on hold for too long. Each missed or poorly handled call means potential lost business, negatively impacting your bottom line and corporate image. The struggle to manage calls effectively can be a constant source of stress and distraction, hindering productivity.

That’s where our corporate answering services come into play. We provide professional, well-trained virtual receptionists who can handle all your calls with impeccable service. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that no call is missed or mishandled. By leaving your call handling to us, you can focus on core business activities, secure in the knowledge that your clients are being well cared for. With our corporate answering services, you’ll transform every call into an opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and grow your business.

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How Our Telephone Answering Services Can Help Your Business...

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Save Money

Our virtual receptionist service ensures your calls are answered at the fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist

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Improve Efficiency

Our team answer your calls with a level of efficiency unachievable with a full time receptionist

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Improve Customer Service

We answer calls 24/7, ensuring your customers can always speak to someone

What our clients say...

Having worked with over 25,000 businesses, our clients have a lot of good things to say about Ruby’s telephone answering service

Our Smart Group uses your reception and premium office services in most Australian states.

We find it a very effective way to ensure that calls and correspondence for Smart Group companies are handled nationwide and maintain a national presence.

As companies are added or new operating locations are established, changes within the group are efficiently dealt with. Online access to receptionist scripts enables immediate changes to reflect new activities, and we are delighted with how appointment bookings have been taken care of.

James Kelaher

Director – Smartnet

By accident, I found you guys some three years ago, initially deciding to use you to assist with cost cutting.

Today we continue to use your services. We found your answering services designed and equipped with the necessary information to handle our calls efficiently.

Your live answering services make a huge difference when we receive a customer call. They direct customer and supplier inquiries straight to the relevant person. Not only is this incredibly cost-effective, but it is also very personalized, and our virtual receptionist doesn’t take holidays, sick days, or superannuation. I recommend your services to anyone requiring a Virtual Office solution.

Vince Monardo

Director – Haddonstone Australia

Why Ruby's Corporate Answering Service Is the Best Choice For Your Business

Australian Based Receptionists

Our receptionists are all based in Australia, bringing a personal and local touch to your business operations. Every call is greeted by a real individual, ensuring your customers feel valued and acknowledged while enhancing your brand’s reputation for accessible, localized service.

24/7 Telephone Answering Services

Our virtual receptionist service is answering calls 24/7, 365. This includes out-of-hours, weekends and public holidays. With our call answering service, you can rest easy knowing that all incoming calls will be answered promptly and professionally, regardless of the time or day.

Appointment Bookings

Our appointment booking service is designed for seamless integration with your current software, enabling our professional team to manage scheduling appointments effectively for your staff. This ensures that your calendars are constantly filled, capturing every potential business opportunity, leading to increased sales conversions and business growth.

Call Scripting

Our telephone answering service is uniquely equipped with advanced capabilities like the integration of intricate conditional call scripting. This ensures that every interaction your callers have is uniformly professional and consistent, resembling the reliability of a “cookie cutter” pattern. No matter when your clients reach out, they receive the same high standard of service each and every time, reinforcing your business’s brand and values.

Fast Answering

At Ruby, we understand the importance of speed when answering calls. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance with a standard answer time of 10 seconds or less. We maintain this swift response rate even during peak call times when volumes are at their highest.

Instant Notifications

After each call, we will immediately notify the appropriate person. This ensures that critical messages are instantly purveyed to the right person.

Ruby Corporate Phone Answering Service Simplifies The Art Of "Doing Business"

We have experience working with business big and small, so no matter your needs, we have a virtual receptionist solution.

Ruby Can Also Help With...

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Virtual Receptionist

Have experts managing your calls at a fraction of the price of an in-house receptionist.

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Virtual Addresses

Looking to expand your business without growing your expenses? We can help you increase your reach with a virtual address.

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Virtual Office

Expand your business presence and professional image with a prime virtual location.

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Frequently asked questions

How will hiring a Ruby Receptionist help my business's bottom line financially?

When you consider wages, super, payroll tax and the cost of office space, our services can save you up to 70% compared to the expense of an office-based employee.

By utilizing your virtual receptionist solution, you can also ensure that potential customers who call your office have their calls answered, limit the risk of them going to an alternate company, and provide additional support to your staff in managing their administration workload.

Where are Ruby's Receptionists Based?

When hiring, we only employ Australian Based Receptionists. We favour people with a background working in an administrative role and are now looking to move to work with virtual assistants.

What Does a Ruby Receptionist Cost?

We have tried to keep our pricing simple. If you decide to start with our basic package, you will pay a small monthly retainer of $29 plus GST plus a per-call cost of $3.50 plus GST.

If you have a low call volume and your phone rings more than a few times weekly, you probably want to consider getting a package. While package costs are slightly higher, average call costs decrease considerably.

From our experience, the average business will spend around $200 per month. It is of incredible value for the peace of mind that this provides. Consider how much you would pay for a full/part-time physical receptionist.

Why choose Ruby?

So why would you pick Ruby as your virtual receptionist?

We currently have over 25,000 customers using our services, and not one is locked into a long-term contract. We place a high focus on client satisfaction, and as such, our customers stay with us for three years or more (on average) and regularly say that they wish they had known about our service years ago as it has saved them so much time and money.

When are Ruby Receptionists available to answer the phone?

We support our corporate clients 24/7, 365 days per year, with our professional receptionist services supporting them both during business hours and out of hours

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