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Affordable Fax to Email Service Available to Our Australian Customers

Despite advances in technology and the development of email services there are still customers out there in Australia who will choose to send you a fax rather than send an email. Because of this, many small Australian businesses need to maintain a facsimile machine to ensure that they can receive these messages when they are sent.

Keeping and maintaining a facsimile machine can be costly and time consuming. Firstly, you have the capital cost of buying the machine in the first place. You will then need some sort of maintenance agreement, toner, potentially special paper to put in the machine plus the time taken to train your staff in how to use the machine and how to keep it from jamming.

With the Ruby Receptionist Services fax to email service we take away a lot of these problems and give you an easy to use cost effective alternative. With our system you pay a small monthly fee to maintain the service plus a small fee per incoming message. The beauty of our system is that if you don't receive many faxes you don't pay much money. If you maintain your own machine then you will be paying regardless of whether you receive anything through it.

If you would like to find out more about how our fax to email system works you can call within Australia for the cost of a local number on 1300 72 10 73.

What Have You Got To Lose?

We don't have any long contract periods. If you do decide to cancel for any reason then it is simply a 30 day notice period. Our pricing is really simple and very straight forward. We have structured our small business packages to deliver the best possible service to you at a really affordable price.

If You Miss Calls You Could Be Missing Sales

Every time that you are unavailable for a call you could be missing out on sales. Whether you are tied up in presentations and sales meetings or you are working on your customers projects you really can't be there all of the time to take those calls. We can be. We employ a vast team of local Australian receptionists who will be there to answer your call promptly and professionally. They will communicate the message that you have agreed and they will immediately forward that message to you by email. Our staff will be your staff.