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Test out our receptionist services for free for 7 days - no obligation

Why not test out our phone answering services free for the next seven days. We believe that the best way to find out just how well our service could work within your business is to test it out for free for 7 days. Don't worry, after the seven days is up if you decide not to go ahead with the business then we will respect that decision and we will not hound you to sign up.


You should give it a try!


Some people are great accountants, some are great lawyers or small business people and others are really great at answering the telephone. Just because you are good at one thing doesn't necessarily mean that you will also be good at another. Why not delegate your telephone answering to a professional virtual receptionist and get on with doing what you really do best.

Telephone answering services have been around for quite some time however the internet and cloud enabled services have allowed businesses like ours to develop into really effective business tools.

It really makes good business sense!

How many calls do you recieve each day where they are simply trying to sell you a new energy supplier or an SEO service for your website. Wouldn't it make more sense if you had someone else fielding those calls while you got on with running your business and making more money.

So, how can I get started

It really is quite straight forward. Just head over to our signup page and fill out the form. Alternatively, you can simply call one of our friendly customer care representatives. Once you have signed up you will select a telephone number. This number (either a local number or a 1300) is the number that we will be answering. You then need to tell us what greeting you want us to use when greeting your callers and how you would like your messages delivered and we are ready to go. Simply divert your existing number to the number that we have provided and we can start answering your calls.

How am I going to receive my messages

When your customer rings your current number the call is diverted to our phone system. Our virtual receptionists then answer the call with the greeting that you provided and take the message from your customer. Our receptionist will then send the message to you, either by email or via an SMS message. It works like clockwork and the entire process takes just minutes.

How much does it all cost?

It depends very much on how much you use our system. If you are just using us for overflow or emergencies then you may only spend $20 per month. If you are using us all of the time then you may end up spending $2-300 per month. The average small business customer spends around $50 per month.

Our service suits a wide range of small businesses. We currently provide answering services to more than 4,500 customers across the globe and these accounts include IT professionals, lawyers, accountants, property agents, financial consultants and a broad range of other professionals. It makes sense to give it a try! Sign up for a no obligation 7 day answering service trial now!

Try us out with a 7 day trial

You can test drive our system for 7 days at no cost or obligation for your business. Ruby's 7 day free trial allows you an opportunity to fine tune the setup and to get the maximum value from your package.

Ruby Will Be Answering Your Calls In 5 Minutes

It really only takes a couple of minutes to set an account up for your free trial. We can then be answering your phone calls virtually instantly. There is no obligation to give any credit card details upfront and it will instantly make a dramatic difference to your work load.