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Get a more efficient business with these programs

These days, it seems like apps and websites are popping up every second. According to Statista, that’s basically true. The two largest app stores (Apple and Google Play) have more than three million apps between them. Sure, there are a lot of useless apps out there who’s sole purpose is to waste time. However, by digging through the multiple layers of grime, you can find some real stars that make your business more efficient. 

Of course, you could scour through the internet page by page trying to find them yourself. On the other hand, perhaps it’s best to read this comprehensive list of the top six.

1. Basecamp

Above all, Basecamp is a communications tool. Anyone that owns a business knows that communication is essential for an efficient operation. Thankfully, the internet is quite effective at communication. Using Basecamp, you can list and track all outstanding tasks and responsibilities going on. Each user within the business has a unique profile and it’s possible to assign various tasks to the relevant person. Even at times of heightened activity, Basecamp goes into overdrive to ensure nothing gets left behind. 

2. Slack

When it comes to talking about efficiencies, slackers hardly make the list. However, don’t confuse the Slack app with that lazy, good for nothing group. Slack helps you keep up to date with your entire workforce. As we saw with Basecamp, communication is key for efficiencies and once again, we have the internet to help us here. Slack is like AOL Messenger (remember that?) or Skype for those who need a few extra features. With Slack, the whole team is connected 24/7. Scary for them, great for the boss.

3. Expensify

The end of the month is nigh and while the efficiencies of your business are adequate, there’s only something plaguing your mind. OF course, we’re talking about expense reports. You need them and your team doesn’t have them. Thankfully, we have the internet by our side. Using the Expensify app, a team can scan all receipts for various business claims and then upload them to a nifty UI. From there, it’s straight to the accounts department to ease your worried mind.

4. Evernote

Sorry Post-It notes. Your beloved square, yellow shape will sorely be missed. For years, the efficiencies of a business had sticky notes to thank but now, the internet is here and Post-It is obsolete. Hence, we have the Evernote app. Evernote is a clean platform for the whole team to store various notes, research, and random thoughts. This way, the organization is maintained and creativity is provoked.

5. Compliance Centre

Every business can be boring at times. After all, constant talking about efficiencies and expense reports is not exactly exciting. However, it gets duller than that. Health, safety, risk assessment and staff training are all essential elements of a business but they’re far from the glamorous ones. So does that mean you should ignore them? Definitely not. It needs to be done but let technology help out with this one. There are countless applications on the internet dedicated to helping your business complete the unglamorous. One of the best is Compliance Centre. Compliance Centre is a range of apps builds by the ShieldYourself team. They are there to help you with health, safety, risk asset, and staff training. That way, all your focus is dedicated to efficiencies.

6. Google Docs

Some things are so obvious, that they're easy to miss. Google Docs is one internet application like this. It’s always there, and most of us always see it but do we use it to its full potential? If not, and you own a business, it’s time to delve into the beauty that is Google Docs. Google Docs integrates with Gmail and lets you store, create and share all your documents online. The basic toolset includes a word processor, database, spreadsheets, presentations and much more. It’s essentially Microsoft Word with online storage. Perhaps the best feature of that helps with efficiencies is real-time collaboration. Let’s say you’re on a conference call and want to make changes to a document. Instead of waiting hours to do so, you can make the changes right then and there. Furthermore, you can check logs and create comment threads between multiple users. This makes it far easier to collaborate and see what changes have been made to a document. 

Your business doesn’t have to be some hectic whirlwind of disorganization. With a few simple internet applications like these, the efficiencies of your operation will increase with minimal effort.