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Time is of a premium when setting up your new business

The new business owner or start up entrepreneur needs to wear a lot of hats. One minute you might be in a sales meeting trying to land a new client while an hour later you could be dropping samples off to a client and the next you are in the warehouse rearranging your stock. The common denominator in all this is that you don't always have the time to take those all important incoming calls.

This is where having a paging service for your Brisbane business can make a lot of sense. You have someone there who can answer your calls and relay a message to you urgently. Rather than have a paging service though, why not go for a virtual receptionist service. A virtual receptionist will deliver virtually the same service that you get from your paging service however can provide much more.

Here's how it works. You set your office or mobile phone to divert after 2 or 3 rings to a number that we have allocated for your business (or you can have the calls go there direct). Our professional receptionists then answer those incoming calls in your business name and take a message from the caller. We then relay that message to you in one of a number of ways, SMS, email or direct transfer.

The beauty of our system over a paging service is that it is quite flexible in terms of how you set it up. You can set it up so that callers from specific places or with specific messages can be treated differently, ie, a caller needing an emergency call out may be transferred to a specific number while general enquiries are simply emailed. Try to do that through a paging service!

Our system is extremely easy to set up. It literally takes minutes to do online and if you are unsure of what to do then our friendly sales team will be happy to do it all over the phone. We believe in making things as easy as possible for our customers.

Not Just Any Old Answering Service

Our telephone answering service has been custom written by Australian developers for Australian businesses. Our system is intuitive to use however can be extremely powerful. Unlike many of our competitors we only employ local receptionists to take your calls. Our professional telephonists work remotely all around Australia and are so good at what they do that your customers will think that they are sitting in your office with you. What better endorsement could you get!

Free Trial Worth Up To $200

Why not try it out for free? We are so confident with how much value our Virtual Receptionist system can add to your business that we are willing to let you use it for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. It is totally risk free to you, we don't require any credit card details or any sort of sign up. What have you got to lose!