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5 Ways To Increase The Productivity Of Your Small Business

1) Outsource your telephone answering. By outsourcing your telephone answering you can effectively free up your staff and give them more time to focus on generating new business, better servicing your customers and increasing productivity in the right areas. For a lot of customers there are also quite significant cost savings to be achieved by outsourcing their telephone answering. For many of these customers savings of 40% over having an inhouse reception function are not uncommon.

2) Get a virtual assistant. Too many managers and senior managers spend too high a proportion of their working life doing administrative work when they could actually be focussed on the strategic aspects of their business. Getting a virtual assistant for your business is a great way to instantly increase your productivity and start making more money. Your virtual assistant will be able to carry out a range of duties including sales admin tasks, diary management and general receptionist tasks.

3) Use a virtual or serviced office. Going virtual or serviced means that you only need to use the office resources that you need. With a virtual office you can have your staff working remotely rather than in an expensive traditional office. This can save on travelling time and excessive office costs. With a serviced office you can grow the amount of space that you need when you need it rather than getting locked in to a defined amount of space. A serviced office gives you the flexibility to bring people in when you need them and have space to cater for them.

4) Convert to IP telephony. Besides being significantly cheaper than a regular landline IP telephony or VOIP can provide you with some great productivity benefits for very little cost. A PBX can allow you to have hunt groups when you receive an incoming call, set up call forwarding, have a range of different messages delivered to your callers plus much more. Previously these functions were only available to larger businesses operating sophisticated PABX's however they are now available to even the smallest business.

5) Make better user of the cloud. The cloud is a great way to increase the productivity of your small business. Why not make use of virtual servers in the cloud for your data processing requirements, have a cloud conference or use a virtual data storage platform like dropbox to store, backup and transfer your files. Why not form a cloud work group with your team and complete a project in the cloud.

What Have You Got To Lose?

We don't have any long contract periods. If you do decide to cancel for any reason then it is simply a 30 day notice period. Our pricing is really simple and very straight forward. We have structured our small business packages to deliver the best possible service to you at a really affordable price.

If You Miss Calls You Could Be Missing Sales

Every time that you are unavailable for a call you could be missing out on sales. Whether you are tied up in presentations and sales meetings or you are working on your customers projects you really can't be there all of the time to take those calls. We can be. We employ a vast team of local Australian receptionists who will be there to answer your call promptly and professionally. They will communicate the message that you have agreed and they will immediately forward that message to you by email. Our staff will be your staff.