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A strategic and cost effective approach to the rising success of your business

Every company has busy periods where a professional Live Answering Service and your personal Ruby Virtual Assistant would increase the productivity and efficiency of how your company is run. BT in the UK recently carried out a survey that suggested up to 60% of your clients that call your business refuse to leave a message when they are left with a voice message instead of speaking to a live Virtual Assistant.

A friendly, reliable Ruby Virtual Assistant has years of customer service experience

Every Ruby Receptionist has undergone extensive one to one training and continues to have ongoing professional development to ensure they are at the leading edge of the customer service industry. Each Ruby Virtual Assistant is selected from a group of the best Live Answering Service Receptionists in Australia. Each Ruby Virtual Assistant is dedicated to improving the professional presence of your company and each Ruby Virtual Assistant specialises in reorganising your business. They can answer general enquires about your business, update web forms based on the information provided by your clients, book important appointments and instantly update these into your diary system. What’s more is that a Ruby Virtual Assistant can also provide the services that you would expect of any regular receptionist, including transferring calls directly to you or taking detailed messages.

Due to the highly advanced nature of our Live Answering System and the skill of our Assistant team, every Ruby Virtual Assistant is professionally trained to work with a range of Diary Management systems based on the preference of your company. This includes Google Calendar and Get Timely (

Swapping a fixed cost for a variable cost with our elite Virtual Assistant Service

A Pay As You Go approach guarantees that you are receiving the best value for your money without compromising the high quality Live Answering Service offered by each Ruby Virtual Assistant. This means you are not paying extra money for a Virtual Assistant to be waiting around for calls to come in and be answered by an in house receptionist. The choice of when you use your personal Ruby Virtual Assistant is completely yours, making our Virtual Assistant and Live Answering Service both extremely flexible and cost effective.

Give your business the opportunity it deserves to succeed in today’s competitive market. Each Ruby Virtual Assistant is part of a dedicated team that is passionate about providing your clients with a premium Live Answering Service. Call us today 1300 72 10 73 or browse our website