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Have Your Incoming Hobart Telephone Calls Answered Promptly and Professionally

Your company receptionist is the gatekeeper for your business and needs to answer your telephone calls in a professional and prompt manner. Unfortunately, in a lot of small businesses the person answering the calls needs to wear a variety of hats and will quite likely be trying to work on a broad range of other jobs at the same time.

Research carried out in Australia has shown that more than 70% of customers who have continually received a poor level of service from a suppliers reception staff have dumped that company and moved to one of their competitors. If this happened to you then you end up not only losing a customer but you also hand a customer over on a platter to a competitor.

There is an easier way! By outsourcing your Hobart telephone answering to Ruby Receptionist Services you can have your incoming calls answered by a professional receptionist for an affordable price. The price is so affordable that many of our customers save up to 40% of the cost of their in house receptionist by outsourcing the work to us.

The Ruby system has been custom written to provide a first class level of service to our Australian customers. Setting up on the system is extremely easy and for a small business only takes a few minutes. Basically you tell us which numbers you wish us to answer, what you want us to say when we answer your calls and what you want us to do with the calls when we have answered them, ie, do you want us to transfer the calls to you at a different number or do you want us to email a message to you.

The fact that you are outsourcing your call answering doesn't mean that you are off shoring. Ruby Receptionist Services is an Australian company with offices in each state. Our receptionists are local Australian professional receptionists who work remotely from all over Australia. Our reception staff will become well acquainted with both your company and your customers and many of your customers will think that they are actually located in your Hobart office.

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Why not test out our call answering service for 7 days with no cost or obligation to you. The free 7 day trial gives you the opportunity to fine tune your set up to get the maximum value from your package.

We Can Be Answering Your Calls In 5 Minutes Time

It literally only takes 5 minutes to set up your account for your free trial and we can be answering your calls virtually instantly. There is no requirement to provide credit card details upfront and you can instantly make a dramatic difference to your business.