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Have Your Perth Telephone Calls Answered Quickly & Professionally

Sometimes it is difficult to quickly switch from the task at hand and put on your most professional voice to answer those incoming calls. Unfortunately, research conducted locally in Australia shows that 70% of customers who continually have a poor experience with whoever is answering your calls will potentially sack your company and switch to a competitor.

This ends up being a bit of a double edged sword as you not only lose revenue and a good customer but you also deliver that customer to your competitors. If you have too many of these poor interactions with your callers then you risk seriously damaging your business.

Ruby is here to help. When you outsource your Perth telephone answering to Ruby Receptionist you can get all or some of your calls answered promptly and professionally whenever you need them answered. You will be able to rely on Ruby to deliver a first class level of service to your customers every single time.

The Ruby bespoke telephone answering system has been custom written to make it easy for you to use yet deliver the power and functionality that you need to make your reception function hum. Our professional receptionists answer your calls with a custom greeting that has been agreed with you and they can either email or SMS your messages to you minutes after taking your calls.

Here at Ruby we only employ local Australian receptionists so your Perth calls will be being answered by local Australian receptionists. In addition to providing telephone answering services we can also provide you with local Perth (or any other Australian city) telephone numbers, 1300 numbers, virtual offices and virtual assistant services.

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You can test drive our call answering service for 7 days at no cost or obligation. Our free 7 day trial provides you with the opportunity to get your set up just right and to get the maximum value from your package.

We Will Be Taking Your Calls In 5 Minutes

It really just takes 5 minutes to set up an account for your free trial and we can be answering your calls virtually instantly. There is no requirement to provide credit card details upfront and you can instantly make a dramatic difference to your business.