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Take Care Of Your Melbourne Business While We Focus On The Admin

Time is precious when you are running your own small business and you are constantly chasing your tail and creating lists of things that you want to do but never actually achieve. It can make it really difficult to grow your business when 90% of your time is spent doing basic admin tasks that contribute very little to driving your business forward.

Rather than trying to do everything yourself and then only accomplishing a small portion of it, why not try our cost effective alternative. With a virtual assistant (VA) from Ruby Receptionist Services you can offload some of those less productive admin style tasks and focus your attention on building your Melbourne business.

When you use a Ruby Receptionist Services VA you don't have to pay any fixed monthly fees. Our charges are all minute based and are only for the time that you actually use. Compare this to employing a physical admin assistant. With current Melbourne wages you could be up for $60k per year plus superannuation, holiday pay, sick pay plus workers compensation insurance.

The other great thing about our VA's is that you can scale up depending on the volume of work. If you have a major marketing campaign happening or a product launch etc you can scale up in terms of the number of people that you have available. Compare that with having one single physical assistant.

Australia Based Staff

All of our virtual assistants are based in Australia and work remotely via the cloud. Unlike many of our competitors we don't employ offshore staff in Asian call centres. By employing home workers in regional areas we are able to keep our costs down and consequently can pass on favourable rates to you our customer. It's definitely a win/win.

Let Us Do Your Admin

Our VA's can carry out a broad range of tasks ranging from filtering your incoming calls to determine which are the important ones to surveying your existing customers to find out what can be improved. They can also maintain your diary, complete sales admin tasks and keep your spreadsheets up to date. Having a VA from Ruby Receptionist gives you that extra pair of hands to get things done.

If you would like to find out more in terms of what our VA's can do and how much they cost then why not call one of our helpful sales advisers. You can call us today on 1300 72 10 73 to find out more.