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With A Ruby Virtual Assistant You Can Focus On Strategy Not Admin

Your Ruby Virtual Assistant can perform a whole range of admin and sales admin type roles. They can answer product queries, take customer orders, fill out your online order forms or surveys, keep control of you or your staff's diaries plus much more. Our virtual assistants can perform many of the tasks that a physical assistant performs without the overhead.

Our virtual assistant services are extremely cost effective. We operate on a Pay As You Go approach where you pay a small monthly retainer and then only pay for the actual time used. So, rather than have a sales assistant sitting at a desk in your office waiting for incoming calls you can have a Ruby Virtual Assistant that only works for you when those sales are received.

Almost anything that can be managed using a computer and a phone can potentially be managed by a Ruby Virtual Assistant. We can design and build bespoke website pages to allow our assistants to gather specific information that relates to your business or your business situation. Think of all of those time consuming admin tasks that you are currently doing on an adhoc basis that could just as easily be carried out by a Ruby VA.

By using Ruby Virtual Assistants you are basically replacing a fixed cost with a variable cost. The cost of our Virtual Assistants can be directly attributed to the work that is required or the sales that are being received. It makes it much easier to budget and makes very good business sense. When you make use of a Ruby VA as opposed to a permanent staff member you don't have to worry about all of those additional employment costs that are involved in employing staff in Australia. We take care of the workers compensation, superannuation, payroll taxes etc. All you need to think about is what tasks you need to get completed. Also, if one of our VA's is away on annual leave or on sick leave it is our cost not yours.

Our Ruby VA's are all based here in Australia and are experienced mature workers. Unlike a number of our competitors we believe that it is a false economy to make use of overseas call centres for Virtual Assistant work. We ensure that our staff have the right tools to do the job and provide them with regular training through in-house training programs to ensure that they are kept up to date with new technologies and new client requirements.

Ruby VA's appeal to businesses of all different sizes. You could be a one person band who needs some assistance with their diary or you could be a multi million dollar operation that needs online staff to assist with order taking. One of the many benefits of our service is that you can use us as little or as much as you want and you will only ever have to pay for what you have used.

Local Australian Staff

Unlike many of our competitors our Ruby Virtual Assistants are employed locally in Australia. They have a good understanding of the local Australian business environment and the local culture. Your customers will think that they are an integral part of your staff and are sitting in your office.

Only Pay For What You Need

Unlike physical staff members your Ruby Virtual Assistants can be scaled up or back depending on your work load and what you need them for. No more chasing around after temp agencies to try to bring in temporary staff. Ruby Receptionists will be there when you need them, for as long as you need them.