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Set Your Business Up With A Dandenong Virtual Address For Just $60/month

Australian rents are some of the most expensive in the world. Office space in a good Melbourne location can set you back a fortune. For a small start up business this can be money that could be deployed into marketing to help you grow that small business into something significant.

Rather than lock all of that cash up in an office that you will probably only use for 25% of the time. A much cheaper and quite reasonable solution is to get a virtual address with Ruby Receptionist Services. Our addresses are in prime locations all around Australia and are available from as little as $60 per month. This is way cheaper than you would end up paying for a physical space.

A virtual office gives you a suite number in a prestigious building. You can have your business mail sent to that address, have couriers deliver packages, use that address on your business cards, your website and your marketing material. From your customers perspective your suite number at that Dandenong address is where they correspond with you.

Given the availability of WIFI these days you can effectively work from wherever you want. If it's a nice day you could head down to your local beach and work out of a cafe while if it is a dreary day you could just stay at home and work from your home office. Having a virtual address gives you a great deal of freedom.

If you want to take your business national but you don't have the money available to pay for office space in each of your desired cities then you could potentially rent a virtual office in each of the cities. For as little as $420 per month you could have a virtual office in each of the capital cities. This is less than you would need to pay for just one physical location.

Focus Your Cash-flow On Building Your Business

Think of all of the additional costs that go with setting up a physical office. You need to spend money on furniture, utilities, bonds and deposits plus much more. Imagine how you can grow your business if you where to channel this money into marketing instead.

Virtual Offices for less than $20 per week

You can get your prestigious Dandenong virtual address for about $2 a day when you pay for 12 months in advance. At only $20 per week this is an absolute bargain!