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Compliment your Live Telephone Answering Service with a premium Virtual Office Address.

Having a highly skilled, friendly Australian based receptionist answer your company calls is the start of portraying your business as professional and successful. We pride ourselves in our low cost, premium Telephone Answering service that enables you to have more time to work on your business instead of in it. With our reception team being able to take detailed messages and promptly forward these to you or a staff member, we ensure you will never miss an important opportunity to speak with a client again. If you want to continue improving the professionalism of your company, then why not associate your company with one of the most premium and sought after addresses in Australia with one of our Virtual Office addresses?

We have worked hard to build relationships with business centres that own some of the most valuable addresses across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The hardest part of it all will be choosing from one of our 50 exquisite business centres located throughout Australia.

The concept is easy. Mail that comes into the business centre for you can be re directed to you wherever you may be located, whether it be in Australia or outside of it. This makes us a perfect solution for businesses that are based in more rural or isolated locations. If you happen to be close to your chosen centre then you also have the flexibility of coming in and collecting your mail at a time most convenient to you. Due to the nature of our advanced and modern centres, most of them have an integrated 24-hour security system, meaning that you are able to pop in even after hours when it suits you. We strive to take as much stress away from your life as possible. Forget about having to pay a large amount of money for an office you are simply using as an address. With a low commitment cost and no long-term contracts, it is easy to see why many of our 4,500+ customers are continually satisfied by the ease, simplicity and cost effective nature of our service while expanding the national presence of their business.

Both our Virtual Receptionist Service and premium Virtual Office Addresses are designed to improve the quality and reputation of your company for an affordable cost, making us a desirable solution for businesses of any size.

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What Have You Got To Lose!

We are so confident in how our system performs that we are willing to give you a 7 day free trial at absolutely no cost to you. You don't even have to give us a credit card so there is absolutely no risk. We currently have over 3,500 happy customers using our service so we must be doing something right.

Australian Based Receptionists

Unlike many of our competitors we don't outsource our telephone answering to cheap offshore call centres. Our professional receptionists are local trained receptionists who understand Australian businesses and Australian place names.