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What Exactly Does A Virtual Receptionist Do

60% of customers prefer to call a small company on the phone when making contact. Are you prepared for that level of demand? With a virtual receptionist, you can be. Discover why a virtual receptionist could be the key tool for your company, how it works and what this service can be used for.

What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

How many calls does your business receive on a daily basis? Ten, fifty or a hundred? Some small businesses receive a massive influx of queries from customers on a daily basis and that’s just in-office hours. Customers may also be keen to contact you when the office doors are closed to no avail. If that’s the case, then you’re missing out on massive sale numbers.

Perhaps your business isn't equipped to handle the level of customer queries that you receive. You might already be pushing team members to answer calls rather than focusing on key tasks. This is going to weaken your business model and impact levels of productivity. You might also not have the money in your budget to pay for additional members of staff.

That’s where a virtual receptionist becomes the ultimate solution. With a virtual receptionist, you can gain real individuals who will answer your calls without adding an additional wage to the costs of your business. A virtual receptionist solution hires highly qualified, friendly, professional employees to represent your business. They can ensure that your brand image remains while they engage with customers in the way that you want.

You will be provided with a new contact number for your business. You can then use this number to direct as many calls as you like to your new virtual receptionist solution. The service can be utilized to handle all your business calls and queries from customers or simply the overflow levels. It’s entirely your choice and it can be scaled to match your requirements perfectly.

Benefits Over A Traditional Receptionist

There are numerous benefits of this option over a typical receptionist. First, you should consider the cost. While a full-time receptionist will always cause financial pressure, a virtual receptionist solution can be scaled to meet your costs. For instance, there might be times in the year when you have a greater number of calls. If that’s the case, you can arrange for there to be more support from your outsourced solution. In contrast, when demand drops, you will also be able to limit the cost and the availability of your virtual receptionist.

Of course, the main benefit is that with a virtual receptionist, you will be provided with a 24-hour solution, potentially running seven days a week. A typical receptionist will go home at five o’clock. With a virtual receptionist, you can ensure that calls are answered in the early hours, through the evening and at the weekend. You will never miss a call again or lose a potential lead.

Furthermore, receptionists will always have other tasks that they need to focus on. This can mean that they don’t deliver the fantastic level of customer service that you need. It can damage the reputation of your business and lead to a poor reputation. With a virtual receptionist, you can decide exactly what tasks the service will be focused on and ensure that they are the only priority for the team.

What Type Of Tasks Can They Complete For Your Company?

There are numerous tasks virtual receptionists can complete that go far beyond simply answering calls for your business.

One of the key options that you can consider is ensuring that a virtual receptionist takes messages on behalf of your company. Research demonstrates that customers hate the idea of leaving a message with an automated system. So, if you don’t have someone handling calls, you can miss out on a lot of potential callbacks. With a virtual receptionist, this won’t be an issue. You can get the messages you need and respond to queries effectively. Any messages can also quickly be relayed directly to you through email or even SMS based entirely on your needs.

Call patching is also an option that you can consider with a virtual receptionist. Calls can be forwarded straight to your staff or team members when this action is suitable. For this to be possible you need to choose a solution where team members are able to assess which calls should be patched through. This ensures that time isn’t wasted on calls that could easily be diverted.

Similarly. It’s also possible to use a virtual receptionist to handle unwanted calls the right way. Companies receive countless unwanted calls every day. These could be from customers or even sales businesses. A lot of B2B companies will call up your business to try and gain a lead. You don’t want to waste time speaking to people representing services that you don’t want or need. With a virtual receptionist, calls like this can be handled effectively. At the same time, your brand image will be maintained and your staff members won’t be distracted by unwanted calls.

In some cases, a virtual receptionist could also be used to handle payments and other key processes for your business. Over the phone, payments are popular with customers. However, many are reluctant to use an automated solution. They are often far more comfortable speaking with a representative. With a virtual receptionist, you will be able to present them with this opportunity.

A virtual receptionist can also be focused on growing sales opportunities for your business and generating leads at the same time. When a potential client calls your company, there is always the potential to create a new lead. The right virtual receptionist will be able to ensure that they proceed down the sales funnel to the next point of contact with your business. They can complete this task, even when your company office is closed.

The potential of a virtual receptionist is absolutely tremendous. The right solution will strengthen your business model and ensure customers gain the level of service they demand.