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What is a live answering service and why does it make financial sense

If you have a business that requires manning 24/7, then a live answering service is going to make a big difference to the way that you run things. No company can hire one person to be on the phones all the time, acting as the gatekeeper who fields calls and keeps the front of house running. However, every business can benefit from a live answering service.

When you take time off from your business or your regular receptionist uses some of their annual leave, you need to be able to trust that your appointments will be booked and your business queries answered. Unanswered business calls will cost you money, and when you don’t answer the phone, your clients aren't going to find you as reliable as you once were. A telephone live answering service that receives incoming calls on your behalf is going to change the way that you do business. Not only can you optimise the way that you communicate, but you can also improve and protect your profitability. Dedicated reception teams who learn about your business and step in seamless to function as part of your regular team can change the game for your business services.

Whether you are an accountancy practice looking to make savings, or a large marketing corporation trying to shave some of the budget, you need to look at how a live answering service makes financial sense for your small business.

What Is A Live Answering Service?

It would help if you had a professional, friendly voice at the end of the telephone when you have clients and customers call to speak to you. You also need to ensure that this familiar voice remains a consistent piece of your business puzzle. For this, you need a live answering service. They are available at times that suit you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They do not call in sick; they are impeccably trained to answer the phones and deal with queries in the way that your regular reception team would. You get a service that works as an extension of the professional business image that you are projecting into the world.

When you choose a live answering service, you decide to route your calls to the professionals who can manage your business as efficiently as your own team - which is the point! They are seamless and to the outsider, should not look like an add-on to your business.

How Does A Live Answering Service Make Financial Sense?

Now that we’ve covered what a live answering service can do for your business, let’s talk money. A live answering service works on your behalf to keep your business running smoothly, but how do they save your small business money? Let’s take a look:

No Extra Full-Time Employees

When you bring on a live answering service, you don’t have to go through the costs of advertising, interviewing, and training a new member of staff to learn about your business. You also don't have to pay them any benefits or salary in the same way that you would a full-time employee. A live answering service can save you far more money than you expect by paying a fraction of the cost to a live answering service. If you already have someone running your business reception and answering your calls, then you can hire a live answering service for those after-hours calls that your receptionist isn’t sitting to receive.

A live answering service allows a rep to take your call, and you only pay for those services that you use. The money that you save can be used to build your business, and it gives you the chance to expand in new ways, too!

Better Service & Increased Profits

If you want to improve your profitability, you need to think about the customer service that you are offering. The right answering service allows your business to remain consistent no matter the time of day or night. You don't have to send your customers to voice mail, and this leads to greater customer loyalty. If customers go to your voicemail service, they’re going to find an alternative business who will take their call - it’s just the way that it goes! Instead, boost your sales and your customer satisfaction, and all because you decided to answer the phone with a live service. With expanded customer service, you can increase your profits as you can grow your customer base.

Reduction In Overheads

It’s expensive to bring on a full, in-house team who can answer your calls. With a live answering service, you can increase or reduce the usage as your business changes. So, while you may only need a day service when your small business begins, you may grow enough to have a night service, too. A virtual live answering service gives you the chance to save money on an entire office, as the person at the end of the line often works from home. With no reception desk to man, you no longer need to rent an office if you don’t want to rent one. That there is enough of a saving to make a dent in your business.

Smaller Costs & No Commitment

A live answering service is there for you as you need them. So, you don’t have to pay tax on their wages, their salaries, benefits, or even pension contributions. They give you all the benefits of a reception service, without the costs that come with it.

On top of that, you are not tied into a contract, and the person who comes aboard only needs a briefing about your business and what you want to achieve. There’s very little training involved, which saves you both time and money. Live answering services can answer more calls than one person sitting at a reception desk, as there is more than one person answering calls for your business at any given time. The level of financial relief that this gives your business allows you the space to expand and improve.

A live answering service could be what your business needs to seal success - what are you waiting for?