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Get Your Local Calls Diverted To A Number Of Your Choice

It can be extremely useful for a business to have a local telephone number. You may be a national business that operates out of only one city yet you want your customers to be able to call a local phone number within each of the cities that you operate and get put through to your main number.

The easiest way to do this is with a call diversion service like the one offered by Ruby Receptionist Services. Here is how it works. Firstly, you sign up for a virtual receptionist service through our easy to use sign up portal. When you sign up you will be allocated a local telephone number in the city that you want to get the diversion from.

Once you have your local Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane telephone number you can select "divert service" in your account. You then tell us what number you want your local number to be diverted to. We will then divert all calls that are received to that local number to your nominated number. You can then use that local number on all of your business cards, flyers, brochures, websites and company marketing material.

Our system works seamlessly and our prices are really affordable with a monthly fee of $10 per month plus a small cost for the actual call time. Most call divert customers spend around $20 per month for the benefit of having a local telephone number in another city.

Once your account has been set up you can then easily add additional phone numbers to your account. You could potentially have a physical address in Sydney but have telephone numbers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth that are redirecting through to that Sydney number. It's the easiest way to take your business national.

Why Not Go For An Answering Service

There are always times when you simply can't make it to the phone in time. You might be in a meeting with a client or you could be driving to an appointment. Unfortunately, these days it isn't sufficient to simply let those calls go through to an automated answering service. The majority of business people will simply hang up. There is however a cost effective alternative. With an answering service from Ruby Receptionist Services you can have a professional receptionist answering your overflow calls from as little as $20 per month. Call Ruby today to find out more.

Free Trial Worth Up To $200

Why not try it out for free? We are so confident with how much value our Virtual Receptionist system can add to your business that we are willing to let you use it for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. It is totally risk free to you, we don't require any credit card details or any sort of sign up. What have you got to lose!