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Set Your Business Up With A Perth CBD Address For $60/mth

Perth office real estate can be very expensive. Especially if you want to be down town in the centre of the CBD. Some of the top offices in Perth rent for as much as $800 per square metre per annum. For a 100 square office you could be up for as much as $80,000 per annum. And this is before you pay for your bonds and your furniture.

Setting up a physical space in a CBD building can be really expensive. Generally, when you lease a space you will just get the space. There are no internal walls, no kitchen, no carpet plus none of the furniture that you need. Before you even start the fitout you will need to enlist a designer or a drafts person to draw it all up, you will then need to find a builder who will need your input into the fittings and quality level etc. There is a huge amount of work required before you even get to do any work!

Once you have your fitout completed you will need to look at the furniture that you need. If you are in an A grade building then there may be requirements in terms of the minimun standard that you need to have. Once you have all of that furniture and equipment in place you will need to recruit staff to actually sit at those desks. CBD based staff generally get paid a premium due to the costs involved in working in the city so don't expect to get out of this cheap.

There is an easier way! With a virtual office from Ruby Receptionist Services you can get a Perth CBD mailing address from as little as $60 per month. Our offices are located in prime CBD buildings in the centre of the city at 108 St Georges Terrace and 197 St Georges Terrace. Our virtual addresses are addresses that you will be proud of.

In these days of cloud technology and mobile internet you don't need to be physically located at one specific location. With a virtual office and 1300 number from Ruby Receptionist Services you could be working out of a cafe by the beach in summer while working next to a log fire in the mountains during winter. Having a virtual address gives you the freedom to work your own way.

Once you have your Perth mailing address you will be able to use it on all of your key business and marketing information like your website, your business cards and your email signatures. If you do receive any physical mail to your address then you can either pop by the office and pick it up or you can arrange to have it posted to anywhere in the world.

Why settle for just a Perth address! With Ruby's addresses you can get a mailing address in all major Australian cities. In almost no time at all you could take your business national and give that important impression of size to your customers.

Why not combine your new Virtual Address with an answering service

If you are truly looking to make use of the cloud for your small business then it might be an idea to combine your new CBD address with a telephone answering service.

The Ruby Receptionist answering services are a great way to show your customers that you are a business of substance and that you operate in a professional and structured manner. Our professional receptionists can be there to take all of those important calls when you just aren't available. We can also get your messages to you within minutes of them being received by our professional receptionists.

How our answering service works

The way it works is really quite straight forward. Firstly, when you sign up for a 7 day free trial we will allocate you a telephone number. This number will be unique to your specific account and will be the telephone number that we answer when answering your calls.

Once you have your unique phone number you will need to forward your existing number to this number. There is total flexibility in terms of when you forward your calls. Some customers forward their number immediately when the call comes in while others forward the call after a specific number of calls. It is totally up to you.

Now that you have forwarded your number you will need to tell us what greeting you want us to use when we answer your calls. This greeting can be changed at any time that you like and is specific to your business. You can login to our admin portal at any time to change your greeting. You can also make use of our easy to use iPhone and Android apps to change your greeting.

The final thing that you need to do is tell us how you would like to receive your messages. You have 2 options in regards to message receipt. Firstly, you can receive your message by email direct to your computer or your smart phone. Given that we all have smart phones these days the email option is particularly popular. The second option is to receive your message by SMS. This option is popular with customers who want some sort of alert when a message comes through. The SMS option incurs a small additional fee per SMS sent.

Combining a cloud based receptionist service with your virtual address/addresses makes a lot of sense. It gives you the ability to operate your business from wherever you want without being tied to a specific base. It also takes away a lot of that boring admin and phone answering that can really limit how much time you have available to focus on the serious core aspects of your business.

Focus Your Cash flow On Growth

A physical space can tie up a lot of cash. You not only have the rent but you have to outlay a heap of cash on bonds, furniture, internet connections and a whole load more. With a virtual address you can focus your funds on growing your business and getting more customers in. It just makes good business sense.

Virtual Offices for less than $20 per week

You can get your prestigious CBD address for around $2 per day if you pay for 12 months in advance. This works out to around $20 per week. An absolute bargain!